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Giants 5, Rockies 4 (10 inn.): Some fun facts about the game-winning Splash Hit by Brandon Crawford

San Francisco Giants' Brandon Crawford hits a walk-off home run to beat the Colorado Rockies during the 10th inning of a baseball game on Sunday, April 13, 2014, in San Francisco. San Francisco won 5-4. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

San Francisco Giants’ Brandon Crawford hits a walk-off home run to beat the Colorado Rockies during the 10th inning of a baseball game on Sunday, April 13, 2014, in San Francisco. San Francisco won 5-4. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


  • WP: Sergio Romo (1-0)
  • HR: Pablo Sandoval (2), Brandon Crawford (1)


Sunday was almost a GREAT day for Splash Hits.

Nah, come to think of it, it was a great day for Splash Hits.

Brandon Crawford led off the bottom of the 10th inning by hitting his first Splash Hit, shooting a pitch off Rex Brothers (a left-hander no less) into McCovey Cove right down the right-field line to lift the Giants over the Rockies 5-4.

It was the first Splash Hit since Pablo Sandoval put one in the water on May 12, 2013.

Sandoval almost made it two Splash Hits in the same game in the sixth inning.

Sandoval’s shot to over the No. 3 archway was well on its way to the Bay, but the ball actually hit one of the flag poles that rise high above the Willie Mays Wall in right and bounced back.

If Sandoval had reached the water, it would have been a first — it would have been the first time two different Giants hit Splash Hits in the same game.

Barry Bonds twice hit a pair of Splash Hits in the same game — on May 10, 2000 vs. the Cardinals (Nos. 2 and 3 Splash Hits overall); and May 18, 2002 vs. the Marlins (Nos. 19 and 20).

Crawford’s home run was the 64th Splash Hit at AT&T/SBC/Pacific Bell Park. He became the 17th different player to record at Splash Hit. (Remember: Splash Hits are home runs on the fly into the bay hit by Giants hitters).

It was also the second walk-off Splash Hit. Barry Bonds had the other on Aug. 19, 2003.

So Barry Bonds hit 35 career Splash Hits.

Barry Bonds spent time this spring working with Brandon Crawford.

Brandon Crawford hits his first Splash Hit.

Hmmmm. Coincidence?

Here’s the list of Splash Hitters

  1. Barry Bonds 35
  2. Pablo Sandoval 7
  3. Brandon Belt 3
  4. Felipe Crespo 2
  5. Ryan Klesko 2
  6. Michael Tucker 2
  7. Andres Torres 2
  8. Aubrey Huff 2
  9. JT Snow 1
  10. Jose Cruz Jr 1
  11. AJ Pierzynski 1
  12. Randy Winn 1
  13. Fred Lewis 1
  14. John Bowker 1
  15. Nate Schierholtz 1
  16. Carlos Beltran 1
  17. Brandon Crawford 1


After an off day, Tim Lincecum faces Josh Beckett as the Giants and Dodgers open a three-game series at AT&T Park at 7:05 p.m. Tuesday.

Nate Schierholtz

Nate the Great joins list of Splash Hits

After failing to deliver a Splash Hit in the first three months of the season, the Giants added their second Splash Hit in a week on Friday, when Nate Schierholtz blasted an R.A. Dickey pitch into the Bay on Friday.

It was the 57th Splash Hit at AT&T Park, and Schierholtz become the 14th Giants to record a Splash Hit.

1, Barry Bonds 35

2, Pablo Sandoval 5

3, Aubrey Huff 2

3, Andres Torres 2

3, Ryan Klesko 2

3, Michael Tucker 2

3, Felipe Crespo 2

8, A.J. Pierzynski 1

8, J.T. Snow 1

8, John Bowker 1

8, Randy Winn 1

8, Jose Cruz Jr. 1

8, Fred Lewis 1

8, Nate Schierholtz 1

Actually, it should have been Schierholtz’s second Splash Hit of the week. One of Schierholtz’s two home runs on Wednesday against the Padres hit halfway up the right-field foul pole. If it had not hit the foul pole, the ball would have landed in the bay.

All hail Nate the Great.

Here’s the link to the video of Nate’s Splash Hit.

Pablo Sandoval, Emmanuel Burriss

MoreSplashHits pays homage to Sandoval’s recent Splash Hit

Here we are called “MoreSplashHits” and then there’s a Splash Hit, and we don’t say a thing for four days.

Our bad.

But Pablo Sandoval hit the first Splash Hit since The Panda hit one into the bay way back on Sept. 30 of last season when he belted a two-run home run off the Padres’ Ernesto Fieri on Monday.

It was Sandoval’s fifth Splash Hit. He is second on the Splash Hit list behind Barry Bonds’ 35.

If you missed it, here it is.