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A breakdown of where Giants payroll will be spent in 2012

Barry Zito is set to make $19 million for the Giants in 2012. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

By our count, Giants have $5 million available to spend in 2012.

That’s based on the number of a $130 million budget that GM Brian Sabean said the Giants will operate at in 2012.

So we took a look a players currently under contract (source: Baseball reference), players eligible for arbitration (projected arbitration money is from mlbtraderumors.com) and non-arbitration eligible players (most of whom we just set at $500K for simplicity).

By doing that, we set the Giants’ current payroll at about $124.7 million. This figure also includes the $12 million the Giants will pay Aaron Rowand NOT to be on the roster in 2012.

There is some give-and-take in these numbers. The arbitration projections could be off. The Giants could sign arbitration-eligible players to multi-year deals that are back-loaded, which would save them some money in 2012.

But here’s how we broke it down:


Barry Zito $19 million

Tim Lincecum $19.2 million (projected via arbitration)

Matt Cain $15 million

Madison Bumgarner $500,000

Ryan Vogelsong $2.5 million (projected via arbitration)

Total: $56.2 million


Brian Wilson $8.5 million

Jeremy Affeldt $5 million

Javier Lopez $4.25 million

Sergio Romo $1.3 million (projected via arbitration)

Santiago Casilla $1.9 million (projected via arbitration)

Dan Runzler $500,000

Guillermo Mota $1 million (estimated)

Total: $22.7 million


1B Aubrey Huff $10 million

2B Freddy Sanchez $6 million

SS Brandon Crawford $500,000

3B Pablo Sandoval $3.2 million (projected via arbitration)

C Buster Posey $650,000

OF Melky Cabrera $4.4 million (projected via arbitration)

OF Angel Pagan $4.7 million (projected via arbitration)

OF Nate Schierholtz $1.2 million (projected via arbitration)

Total: $30.65 million


1B/OF Brandon Belt $500,000

C Chris Stewart $500,000

IF Mike Fontenot $1.3 million (projected via arbitration)

IF/OF Emmanuel Burriss $600,000 (projected via arbitration)

1B Brett Pill $500,000

Total: $3.4 million

NON-TENDERS: Jeff Keppinger, Eli Whiteside

MONEY NOT ON ROSTER: Aaron Rowand $12 million


Projected 2012 Giants 25-man roster, as it stands now

Tim Lincecum should expect a significant pay raise above the $15 million made in 2011.

With the re-signing of Javier Lopez, the optioned exercised on Jeremy Affeldt and the acquisition of Melky Cabrera, the Giants’ 2012 roster is starting take shape. There are still decisions to made, particularly with to tender some arbitration-eligible players, of which there are 13.

So here is the 25-man roster, based on players currently under the Giants’ control in 2012 (a-denotes arbitration eligible).


CF Melky Cabrera-a
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Pablo Sandoval-a
C Buster Posey
1B Aubrey Huff
RF Nate Schierholtz-a
LF Brandon Belt
SS Brandon Crawford


C Chris Stewart
IF Mike Fontenot-a
IF/OF Emmanuel Burriss-a
OF Andres Torres-a
1B Brett Pill


SP Tim Linecum-a
SP Matt Cain
SP Ryan Vogelsong-a
SP Madison Bumgarner
SP Barry Zito


RH Brian Wilson
RH Sergio Romo-a
RH Santiago Casilla-a
RH Ramon Ramirez-a
LH Jeremy Affeldt
LH Javier Lopez
LH Dan Runzler


C Eli Whiteside, IF Jeff Keppinger


Torres, Fontenot and Burriss are also non-tender candidates. We’ll count them on the roster for now. The Giants may non-tender all players, then attempt to sign them back at a cheaper rate.

The Giants have already committed $81.7 to 2012 contracts, including the $12 million they will pay Aaron Rowand to NOT play for the Giants.  If the Giants non-tender Whiteside, Keppinger, Torres, Fontenot AND Burriss, they will still need to pay $36 million to the remaining eight arbitration-eligible players, according to mlbtraderumors.com projected arbitration salaries.

That puts the 2012 payroll at $117.7. GM Brian Sabaen projected the 2012 payroll to be at $124 million, a modest jump from the $118 million figure they opened the 2011 season.

It doesn’t leave a lot of room to add more salary with a payroll at $117.7 million and three open roster spots yet to fill.