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The Freak messes around and gets a Triple Double-Double

Not sure what to make of this, but apparently Tim Lincecum often gets a big case of the munchies.

In a USA Today article last week,  the Giants right-hander revealed that he is a regular at In-N-Out burger. No surprise there. I mean, that IS what a hamburger is all about.

But when we heard what Lincecum orders regularly at his visits to In-N-Out, even MoreSplashHits was taken aback.

Lincecum says his order includes three Double-Doubles, two orders of fries and one chocolate-strawberry shake.

doubles.jpgAll tallied, that order comes to 3,150 calories. And that doesn’t even include the lettuce and tomatoes, which Lincecum holds from his Double-Doubles.

“I’m not a big vegetable guy,” Lincecum told USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

Lincecum also holds the cheese from his burgers, which technically doesn’t make it a Double-Double. Double-Doubles get their names from double patties, double cheese.

MoreSplashHits understands Lincecum’s love for In-N-Out. In my younger days while growing up in Southern California, my friends and I would regularly attend Friday night games at Dodger Stadium. Afterwards, we would make a pilgrimage to In-N-Out — or Original Tommy’s for chili cheesburgers (let’s home Lincecum doesn’t discover Tommy’s).

In-N-Out is one thing MoreSplashHits misses about Southern California after living in the Pacific Northwest for the past two decades.

But even in our best days (or worst, depending on our point of view), my friends and I could not manage to devour what Lincecum regularly consumes at In-N-Out.

MoreSplashHits went looking for the daily recommended caloric for a 26-year-old male who is 5-foot-11, 168 pounds. Given Lincecum’s job description, we said Lincecum was “extremely active.”

So the recommended daily caloric intake came to just under 3,500 calories. So that leaves Lincecum about 350 calories for breakfast and lunch if he dines daily at In-N-Out.

So it should come as no surprise that Lincecum has added 11 pounds this spring. Not that anyone would notice it by looking at him.

When asked if he had any idea what his cholesterol level was, Lincecum laughed, “Probably not very good. But my metabolism is through the roof.”

Maybe so, but Giants fans can only hope that Lincecum finds a bit of moderation when it comes to his favorite fast-food restaurant. And perhaps he could cut back on other bad habits that might lead to increased culinary cravings.

If not, then next fall’s favorite Halloween costume of Giants fans will be a Lincecum wig under a paper hat, accessorized with a white apron held up by a gigantic safety pin — topped off with a defibrillator.