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Ten good candidates to raise the banner at the San Francisco Giants home opener on Friday

The Giants' 2010 World Series banner

The Giants’ 2010 World Series banner

The San Francisco Giants will raise the banner on Friday at their home opener against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now the question is “Who will raise the banner?”

In 2011 — when the Giants also played their home opener against the Cardinals — reliever Brian Wilson took the honor of hoisting the World Series flag at AT&T Park.

While Wilson played a vital role in the 2010 championship, it should be pointed out that when the Giants opened the 2011 season, the 2010 World Series MVP (Edgar Renteria) was playing for the Reds. And the 2010 NLCS MVP (Cody Ross) was on the disabled list.

So on Friday, when the Giants hoist their 2012 World Series banner, the candidates for the honor are numerous. The Giants have been tight-lipped on who will get the honor and exactly how the act will be performed.

One thing we can say for certain: It won’t be Brian Wilson. Wilson was last seen shopping at a Southern California mall in a ketchup-stained T-shirt.

So who is it going to be? Well, here’s MoreSplashHits’ list of the top-ten candidates. Continue reading