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Trivia time: How many current MLB managers once played for the Giants?

Mike Matheny played 2005-06 for the Giants, winning a Gold Glove in 2005.

The announcement of Mike Matheny as the replacement to Tony La Russa as Cardinals manager got us to thinking. How many major league managers once played for the San Francisco Giants.

Can you guess?

Well, the answer is five. Here they are.

Dusty Baker (1984)

Baker was signed as a free agent by the Giants on April 1, 1984. He played in 100 games with the team in 1984. He hit 3 HR, 32 RBI and batted .292. Baker was traded to the A’s in March 1985 for two minor leaguers.

Ron Roenicke (1985)

Roenicke was drafted in 29th round in 1975 by the Giants but did not sign. He was signed as a free agent by the Giants on May 3, 1985. He played 65 games with San Francisco in 1985, hitting 3 HR, 13 RBI and batting .256. He was released on April 1, 1986.

Bob Melvin (1986-88)

Melvin was acquired on Oct. 7, 1985 in a trade along with Juan Berenguer in exchange for Eric King, Dave LaPoint and Matt Nokes.  He hit 24 HR, 83 RBI and batting .220 in his three seasons with the Giants. He was traded to the Orioles on Jan. 24, 1989 for Terry Kennedy.

Bud Black (1991-94)

Black was drafted by the Giants in the third round of the 1997 draft but did not sign. He signed as free agent with the Giants on Nov. 9, 1990. He played four seasons with the Giants, going 34-32 with a 3.95 ERA.

Mike Matheny (2005-06)

Matheny was signed as a free agent by the Giants on Dec. 15, 2004. He played two seasons in San Francisco in 2005-06, the last two of his playing career. He hit .239 with 16 HR, 77 RBI in those two years. He won his fourth Gold Glove award in 2005.


The Top 10 List of Non-Giants Who Should Be on Every Giants Fan’s Christmas Card List: No. 8, Bud Black

Bud Black was the National League manager of the year, and rightly so. He did a great job with the San Diego Padres this season.

More Splash Hits kept waiting all year for the Padres’ carriage to become a pumpkin, and it finally happened between Aug. 26 and Sept. 5, when the Padres went on a 10-game skid.
It’s hard to pin the blame for that losing streak on one person, so we’ll stick it on the skipper … Bud Black.
On Aug. 25, the Padres led the second-place Giants by 6.5 games. By the time the skid was over, the Padres’ lead was down to one.

The Giants didn’t play particularly well at the start of the Padres’ slump, dropping three of four. Then they won 8 of 11 to share the lead with the Padres.

The Padres didn’t completely fold after that 10-game skid. But they drop 4 of 5 before beating the Giants in back-to-back game and forcing the Giants to clinch the NL West on the final day of the season.

Now, the Giants could have still reached the playoffs with the Padres’ slump. But it would have been as a wild card, not a division winner. So who knows what that would have meant for the Giants’ playoff run.

So thanks you Padres and Bud Black