Giants acquire Tyler Austin from Twins, a player who is oddly reminiscent of Mac Williamson

It appears as if the San Francisco Giants have come full circle.

The Giants started the spring with Mac Williamson has the presumptive left fielder.

But Mac didn’t impress new team president Farhan Zaidi this spring, and eventually would be designated for assignment. (Mac cleared waivers and is playing at Sacramento).

But even before that, Zaidi started looking for other options.

He acquired Matt Joyce on March 20, but then traded Joyce to the Braves on March 23.

He acquired Michael Reed on March 23 from the Twins, then he designated Reed for assignment last Tuesday. Reed re-signed with the Giants after clearing waivers and is now playing in Sacramento.

He acquired Connor Joe on March 21, then he designated Joe for assignment on Monday after making another trade – this time acquiring Tyler Austin from the Twins.

So what kind of player is Tyler Austin? Well, on the surface, he looks a lot like … Mac Williamson.

Austin is a 27-year-old right-handed power hitter who stands 6-2, 220 pounds.

Williamson is 28 years old, right-handed, who is 6-4, 237 pounds.

Their numbers in the minors look very similar. Austin has a few more ABs in the minors as he was drafted out of high school in 2010. Williamson was drafted out of Wake Forest in 2012.

Their major league numbers are also similar. Austin has hit for more power, but also has struck out more.

So for all the Giants fans who wanted to see Mac Williamson in left field for the Giants, you got your wish, sort of.

You’ll just see Mac in the form of Tyler Austin.

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