Brandon Crawford won’t be added to All-Star roster to replace Matt Carpenter


San Francisco Giants fans have been up in arms since Tuesday when shortstop Brandon Crawford was not added to the All-Star team.

Fans voted the underwhelming Addison Russell of the Cubs to be the starter at shortstop for the National League in next Tuesday’s All-Star Game in San Diego.

The players then voted the Dodgers’ Corey Seager in as a reserve at shortstop.

Now you could argue that Crawford was more deserving of that honor than Seager — and Giants fans have done that.

According to ESPN, Seager has the eighth-best WAR in the National League at 3.43; Crawford is 12th at 3.24. Seager holds a big edge offensively (3.49-1.38), while Crawford holds the edge with the glove (2.27-0.37).

According to Baseball Reference, Seager is 10th in the NL in WAR (3.4), with Crawford just behind (3.2). Seager is second in offensive WAR (3.5), while Crawford leads the NL in defensive WAR (2.3) and it’s not even close (next is 1.6).

And FanGraphs says Seager is No. 2 in the NL in WAR at 3.9, and Crawford is eighth (3.3), with similar offensive/defensive splits.

The problem I have with WAR as a stat is two-fold: 1) I have no freakin’ idea how it is computed; and 2) people can’t seem to agree on how it is computed because different sites come up with different computations on it.

Anyway, I believe both Seager and Crawford are deserving of All-Star selections. If Seager were the starter and Crawford the backup, I’m cool with that. If Crawford started and Seager backed up, that’s cool, too.

But the fans piggie-backed Russell to be a starter along with four other Cubs, so it is what it is.

Some Giants fans felt Crawford should have been on the ballot for the Final Five. But MLB didn’t want two teams on that ballot, so the honor went to Brandon Belt.

Then fans were hoping Crawford could make the team as a replacement. So when Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals left Wednesday’s game with an oblique strain, there was hope.

Then Carpenter was placed on the DL Thursday morning. More hope.

And …. and…. and……

MLB announced the Cardinals shortsotp Adelmys Diaz would replace Carpenter on the All-Star roster.

Now, Diaz is having a solid rookie season for St. Louis. But this isn’t about comparing Diaz’s credentials with those of Crawford.

This had more to do with Carpenter was the lone Cardinal representative on the All-Star team. So the Cardinals lobbied hard that another Cardinal replace him on the All-Star roster.

And MLB acquiesed to the Cardinals’ request.

So now it looks more and more likely that Crawford will spend the All-Star break resting at home.

And given the fact he will likely enter the break having played 700 innings at shortstop this season, maybe a break isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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