My wish for Opening Day: a win for the San Francisco Giants


In baseball, everything is amplified on Opening Day.

Fans sometimes forget that the season is 162 games long on Opening Day.

Wins seem bigger. And so do losses.

With that in mind, here’s a stat for San Francisco Giants fans.

The Giants have won two World Series championships since the last time they won on Opening Day.

Yes, it’s been four years since the Giants won on Opening Day. That came on Opening Day 2010 when Tim Lincecum and the Giants beat the Astros 5-2.

Since then, the Giants have lost to the Dodgers (2-1 in 2011), Diamondbacks (5-4 in 2012) and Dodgers (4-0 in 2013) — all on the road.

Since moving into AT&T Park (nee SBC Park, nee Pacific Bell Park), the Giants have opened 10 of 14 seasons on the road.

That is by design. The Giants prefer to delay their home games to get better weather days later in the season. This season, that appears to be a good call as rain in the forecast for the Bay Area Monday and Tuesday.

But that decision has led to some unhappy Opening Days for Giants fans. The Giants have lost five of their last six Opening Days on the road.

By comparison, the Giants have won their last five home openers. The Giants are 11-3 in home openers at their ballpark by the bay.

Yes, we know the weather is yucky on opening week this year. But when you’ve sold out your last 246 home games, does it really matter when you play your home game.

So for next year, Giants, please, would you think about requesting a home game on Opening Day? It would be nice, especially if the Giants win another championship. It is an even-number year.

In the meantime, we’d like a win in Arizona on Opening Day 2014. It’s been a long time since the Giants had a 1.000 winning percentage.


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