Hunter Pence stars as “Bluto” as Giants go “Animal House”

Given the Giants’ three-game losing streak, we thought Giants fans might need something to cheer them up.

The Giants have a longstanding tradition of producing clever commercials, and this year’s spots include a send-up to Hunter Pence’s pre-game speeches during last season’s World Series run and the movie classic “Animal House.”

It features:

  • Hunter Pence as Bluto
  • Buster Posey at Otter
  • Tim Lincecum as Boon
  • Brandon Belt as D-Day
  • Madison Bumgarner as Stork
  • Barry Zito as Pinto
  • Jeremy Affelt as Hoover

To watch the spot, click on the below image.


Not bad. Not bad.

It seems appropriate that the Giants pay tribute to “Animal House” consider their roster includes a Panda, Baby Giraffe, White Shark, Horse, Crazy Horse and a Gopher. OK, that last one hasn’t caught on as we had hoped, but we’re not giving up.

If you want to see how the Giants’ effort measure up to the original, look here:

Or you can look at the Giants doing their impersonation of Hunter Pence.


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