Plenty of former San Francisco Giants in unemployment line

Aubrey Huff

Aubrey Huff

There are 33 players who filed for free agency this offseason who have still not signed with a new team as of March 9.

Five of those unsigned players were employed by the Giants in 2012, more than any other franchise.

Those five players are: Aubrey Huff, 1b; Guillermo Mota, rhp; Brad Penny, rhp; Freddy Sanchez, 2b; Ryan Theriot, 2b.

And that doesn’t even count Brian Wilson, who became a free agent when the Giants non-tendered him in December.

The Giants started the offseason with 10 free agents. The three they wanted they re-signed: RP Jeremy Affeldt, 2B Marco Scutaro and OF Angel Pagan. The two they didn’t want signed elsewhere: OF Melky Cabrera (Toronto) and OF Xavier Nady (Kansas City).

And then there are the other five.

GUILLERMO MOTA: There is not market for a 39-year-old reliever fresh off a season in which he served a 100-game suspension for a PED second strike. A third strike and he’s done. He may be done already.

FREDDY SANCHEZ: Sanchez hasn’t played a big-league game since separating his shoulder in June 2011. He said last month he’s not ready to retire, adding his “dream situation” would be to re-sign with the Giants. There is not indication of that happening, and he has not joined another club.

RYAN THERIOT: Theriot went into the offseason looking for increased playing time. That is what drew him to the Giants last offseason. He got that, but then lost it when the Giants traded for Marco Scutaro. Theriot was said to be talking with the Indians and Rangers, but that was three weeks ago.

BRAD PENNY: Penny made 31 starts for Detroit in 2011. After giving a Japan a try in early 2012, he signed with the Giants midseason, and served out of their pen in the final months of the season.

AUBREY HUFF: Huff may the most realistic of the bunch, telling the San Francisco Chronicle that he’s “pretty much retired.” He said he’s happy spending time with family instead of getting ready for another season. So the next time we might see Huff is to collect his World Series ring next month, although he said he has not received an invite from the Giants to do so.

And then there’s the erstwhile closer, Brian Wilson.

Back in the December, the Giants were faced with three choices regarding Wilson — offer him a contract of a minimum of $6.8 million, try to negotiate a deal at a much lower rater or non-tender him.

Well, it was obvious they wouldn’t do the first. When Wilson became offended by the Giants’ offer of a incentive-laden deal, they turned to option No. 3: a non-tender.

Then we heard from Wilson camp about the multitude of teams who were interested in his services, with no actual teams named.

Wilson threw for the Mets once in January and again in February, and the Mets determined Wilson wasn’t close to pitching again in the bigs.

Now, it’s March and the last time we saw Wilson came last week when TMZ posted a video of Wilson, looking scruffier than ever, doing some shopping in a ketchup-stained T-shirt. The person taking the video asked Wilson if he would ever shave his now infamous beard to sign with the Yankees, who have a no-facial-hair policy.

Wilson’s answer? “I’m from Boston.”


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