Have you seen Tim Lincecum’s new haircut?

Last year, I put up a post about Tim Lincecum’s hair. It was prior to his second start of the season when he spent an off day in Denver getting a hair cut.

Image of Tim Lincecum posted on KNBR's Facebook page

Image of Tim Lincecum posted on KNBR’s Facebook page

Lincecum said last season he was going for the Tom Cruise “Ghost Protocol” look when somewhat trimmed down his flowing locks.

But the look Lincecum showed up with on Friday is something completely different. It’s more like Tom Cruise “A Few Good Men.”

We haven’t seen Lincecum’s hair THIS short since his 2007 rookie season. That was two Cy Youngs ago, and after last season, that seems like an eternity ago.

But it appears as if The Freak is looking for a fresh start.

And that’s a good idea after a forgettable 2012. Obviously, 2013 is a huge season for The Freak.

We’ll have more on that later.


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