Giants/49ers fans: Together, we are San Francisco; Who’s got it better than us?

The other day a friend asked me: “Have the 49ers ever won the Super Bowl the same year the Giants won the World Series?”

Well, since this is the first time the 49ers have made it to the Super Bowl in 18 years, and since two years ago was the first time the Giants had won the World Series in 56 years … um, no.

But there was one year when the Giants and 49ers both made it to the championship round of their respective sports. That was 1989, when the Giants reached the World Series for the first time in 27 years. They were eventually swept by the A’s.

That same season, the 49ers marched to their second consecutive Super Bowl championship in one of the greatest seasons in NFL history.

That season was capped with a 55-10 rout of the Denver Broncos at the Superdome in New Orleans, the same site of next Sunday’s Super Bowl between the 49ers and Ravens.

This season, the Giants and 49ers repeated the feat with a chance to take it one step better. The Giants won the World Series, this time being on the right side of a four-game sweep. And now it’s the 49ers now time to fulfill their end of the deal.

But there has been a lot of synergy between the 49ers and Giants this year.

It started back in September, when 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was threatened with a fine by the NFL if he wore his Giants cap during post-game interview, like he did twice during the 2011 season. Player are only allowed to wear NFL-licensed merchandise.


The NFL put in the rule several years ago after players were seen wearing caps of products that they endorse. But a GIANTS cap?!?! Pretty lame, NFL.

A few days later, Giants manager Bruce Bochy showed his support of Smith by sporting a 49ers cap during a pre-game interview session in the Giants dugout.


During the Giants’ World Series parade on Halloween, Smith and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh drove cars carrying Giants players down the parade route. Smith drove the car carrying Matt Cain; Harbaugh was behind the wheel of Brandon Belt’s ride.


We’ve also seen a Panda on the sideline of a 49ers game, when Pablo Sandoval sported a “48” 49ers jersey with “Panda” on the back. That game was against the Rams at Candlestick, when Smith got knocked out of the game with a concussion and Colin Kaepernick replaced him. We haven’t seen Alex Smith on the field for the 49ers since.


And then there was the classic goof as the Giants’ World Series celebration, when Tammy Nelson of the cast of Beach Blanket Babylon congratulated “Your San Francisco 49ers” for sweeping the Tigers.


Hey, she wasn’t confused. She was just four months ahead of her time. We just need another parade for her to get it right.

Go Niners!


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