Reliving the Giants-Reds NLDS through MoreSplashHits’ best tweets

A couple of years ago I launched to Twitter account linked to my MoreSplashHits blog.

Then I started using Twitter as I watched Giants games live, and it was great. It’s kind of like hanging out in the bleachers at AT&T Park or a sports bar filled with Giants fans.

So I thought I’d share with you my impressions of the Giants’ series victory over the Reds through my tweets during the five games.

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After Brandon Belt made a great catch on a foul pop as he fell into a camera well:

“Belt is safe after that tumble into box seats, thanks to the infielder fall rule”

Johnny Cueto injures himself in the bottom of the first inning, draw some cheers from AT&T crowd.

“Cheering when a dude gets hurt is not cool … unless it’s Mat Latos”


Bronson Arroyo was shutting out the Giants through six innings as Reds led 4-0.

“Prediction: Giants put 2 runners on it 7th. Dusty lifts Arroyo, gives him game ball. Reliever gives up 3-run HR. Giants rally to win 6-5.”

When TBS made the obligatory replay of the Scott Cousins/Buster Posey play in 2011 while the Reds were pounding the Giants.

“OK, great, the Cousins play. Thanks TNT. Like I don’t need that right now”

Which was quickly followed by..

“Next inning TBS will air video of Melky trying to falsify a web site.”

The Reds add onto their lead in the eighth against Guillermo Mota.

“Quick. Someone get Mota some cough medicine. Just coughed up another run.”

After the Reds extended lead to 9-0.

“This must be what it feels like to be a Rangers fan watching a postseason game at AT&T Park.”

Yet, I never lost hope … completely.

“I’m researching a tweet about the last time a team rallied for 10 runs in ninth to win postseason game ….”

After the loss, trying to keep things in perspective.

“Threw my lucky shirt for game 1 in wash. Should throw out my new lucky shirt for Game 2 … Oh wait, it’s a 2010 World Champions T-shirt”

A simple request

“OK #SFGiants, let’s win Tuesday, if only because I’m not working Tuesday or Wednesday.”


The game starts

Giants score first run since Game 1 on HBP, walk, sacrifice bunt and sacrifice fly.

“OK, we got a run. Now it’s time on working on getting a hit.”

Giants’ inability to get runs (or even hits) heightens stress when Reds come to plate.

“Why does every time Reds come up it feels like the bottom of the ninth?”

… and it begins to deteriorate confidence.

“Did he bring his bat? RT @hankschulman Having the pleasure of sitting next to former Giant Stan Javier”


“#SFGiants head to bottom of the fifth down three runs, despite being tied 1-1 #feelslikeit”

Brandon Phillips battled a cramp in his leg while batting.

“Brandon Phillips cramping up due to inactivity in the field when #SFGiants are hitting”

After the camera showed Johnny Cueto in dugout.

“And he has a fast car RT @TheDodgerhater Johnny Cueto looks like Tracy Chapman.”

After Bruce Bochy all but empties his bench in eighth inning.

“Hitters left on bench … Hector Sanchez, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, …. Shawon Dunston.”

But hope still prevails …

“Did anyone else here that voice? RT @SonsofJohnnieLe If you #BELIEVE they will score”

Still 1-1, bottom of the ninth, Reds hitting.

“OK, I’m watching the bottom of the ninth … with my finger on the OFF button.”

Top of the 10th, Giants put runners on second and third with two outs after passed ball with Joaquin Arias at bat.

“Now do they walk Arias?”

They pitch to him. He hits chopper to Scott Rolen, who can’t handle it as Arias beats out throw. Buster Posey scores for 2-1 lead.


Romo saves. Giants win 2-1.



I get a late start.

“OK, I’m on twitter. Had to run errand, so was watching on DVR. Caught up now, which means I can’t fast-forward when Zito is on mound.”

Tim Lincecum comes in relief of Zito, fans Ryan Ludwick to end inning.

“Good thing Timmy fanned Ludwick there cuz I needed to pee. Already soiled myself when Zito was pitching.”

Giants surge ahead. Geico commercial comes on TV.

“People switching to Geico sure are happy. How happy? Happy as #SFGiants fans watching their team rally from 0-2 series deficit”

After State Farm ad comes on featuring ex-Cubs Kerry Wood and Andre Dawson.

“Somebody should tell Andre Dawson it’s October 1989 … then he won’t have to do anything for the Cubs.”

Another clutch hit from Marco Scutaro.

“I thought the Reds were going to pitch around Scutaro, try to turn 2 on Panda. Dusty must have borrowed Mattingly’s scouting report”

Giants score eight runs, even series at 2-2.

“It think it was @MLBJesus who said ‘Blessed are the meek-hitting team, for they shall inherit the earth.’ “

Camera shows Brian Wilson and his beard in dugout.

“OK, Brian Wilson’s beard has become plain ridiculous. Where can I buy a “Shear the Beard” T-shirt?”

A favorite post-game tweet back


Not superstitious … sort of

“Don’t have lucky T-shirt, cuz i don’t believe in lucky T-shirts. But if I had lucky T-shirt, I’d sure as hell have it on today. #SFGiants”

A message to Mat Latos

Buster Posey belts a grand slam to make it Giants 6-0.

Reds cut the lead to 6-3 and keep threatening.

“Giants still have 3-run lead. Giants still have 3-run lead, Giants still have 3-run lead …..”

As the stress grew in late innings, the Tweets became fewer and fewer and far less clever. But the Giants held on the victory and advance. So I offered praise to Hunter Pence and his pre-game pep talks in Games 3, 4 and 5.

“Hi, I’m @hunterpence and I’m a motivational speaker …. AND I LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE OHIO RIVER!!!!!”


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