Series review: San Francisco Giants take 2 of 3 from Rockies




Giants 81-62
Dodgers 74-69
NL West lead: 7 games
Magic number: 13

San Francisco Giants: 2012 NL Western Division champions.

Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Maybe. But the Giants’ 8-3 win over the Rockies on Wednesday pushed their lead in the NL West to a season-high seven games. In fact, it’s the largest divisional lead since the Giants finished 15 games ahead of Arizona to end in the 2003 season.

It also means that the earliest the Giants can clinch the NL West in next Thursday, Sept. 20.

For their part the Giants are keeping their sights on the task ahead, which is winning games in Arizona this weekend.

Here are a string of quotes from the series in Colorado, where the Giants went 7-2 this season.

Tim Linecum on the Giants’ seven-game lead in the West:

“We’re in a good spot . We’re just focusing on ourselves and having a good time and winning.”

Manager Bruce Bochy on giving Pablo Sandoval a day off to clear his head. The Panda is hitting .232 since coming off the DL last month:

“Let’s get him back to being relaxed and having fun. It hasn’t been fun for him the last couple games.”

Angel Pagan, on meeting Willie Mays in the spring and tying his San Francisco Giants record (shared with Steve Finley) for triples in a season:

“Right away, he asked for the guy who came from New York. It wasn’t ‘Angel,’ it was ‘Hey, where’s the guy who came from New York?’ Right after that I introduced myself and we had a great chemistry. Now to tie his triples record is something I’ll always remember. It’s one of the best days of my career.”

Madison Bumgarner, on being the first Giants pitcher since 2007 to belt two home runs in the same season. Bumgarner had one of the bigger at-bats of the season when he smacked a three-run homer Tuesday to tie the game 4-4.

“My job is to go out there and pitch, not hit. Obviously I’m glad to do what it takes, but I wanted to pitch better.”


Brandon Belt on going 2 for 4 with a double, homer and four RBI on the same night MadBum homered. In May, Belt hit his first homer of the season on the same night Bumgarner homered.

“I just do not want to be outdone by Madison Bumgarner at the plate at all. I think he hit a three-run home run and I got four RBIs. So I beat him.”

Bochy on Aubrey Huff’s single on a ball whacked off the right-field wall. Huff has proven himself a quality pinch-hitter of late, even though he provided his teammates with some levity when he had to scramble back to the bag when he couldn’t leg out the double.

“He smoked that ball. He did a good job turning that double into a single.”

Ryan Vogelsong on his struggles over his past six starts.

“I’m costing us games right now and I’m not really happy about it. I feel today it was on the arm side. Last time, it was on the glove side. It’s like I fix one and the other goes haywire. I need to get back to the middle of the road here.”

While his ERA has gone up, his confidence has not dropped.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m a battler, guys. Look what I’ve been through. A couple bad starts in a span of six is not going to get me down. I’ve been through way too much in this game to let six not good starts keep me from where I want to get with this team.”


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