San Francisco Giants 6, San Diego Padres 5: Giants discover the power of good defense


The Giants did something Wednesday that they haven’t been able to do since May 27 in Miami.

They hit a home run.

And it came off the potent bat of Gregor Blanco.

Blanco’s blast not only helped the Giants win for the seventh time in nine games — nine games with just one home run — it moved the Giants out of a 29th-place tie for home runs by a team in the majors.

It was the Giants’ 32nd home run of the season, one ahead of the Padres.

In fact, if the Giants were to hit eight home runs in Thursday’s game, they would still rank 29th in the majors in home runs.

One of the Bay Area scribe’s recently wrote that the Giants cannot expect to keep up their winning ways with such little power productions. But the Giants are finding other ways to score runs and win games.

Besides hitting just one home run in the past nine games, the Giants also have only one of another stat: Errors.

That’s right. Even though the Giants rank first in the National League with 51 errors (only second in the majors behind the Orioles’ 52), they have only committed one error in the past nine games. They are on a six-game errorless streak.

They have not committed an error by an infielder since May 26, and have not had a multi-error game since May 23, the last time shortstop Brandon Crawford committed an error.

It addition to good glove work, the Giants have been good with the bats in other ways.

Their 506 hits ranks fifth in the majors and third in the NL behind the Cardinals and Phillies.

Their 22 triples leads the majors.

And even though they don’t hit fly balls over the fence, they hit them deep enough score runs. Their 23 sacrifice flies is tied for the major league lead with the Red Sox.

On Wednesday, the Giants knocked out 11 hits. Every positions player had at least one, with Blanco, Melky Cabrera and Brett Pill (he really need that) having two-hit games.

Buster Posey lifted his team-high five sacrifice fly.

So the Giants are showing that good pitching, hitting and defense is good enough to win … at least against the Padres, Cubs and Diamondbacks. Doing that against the Rangers may be a different story.


Matt Cain takes the hill against Jason Marquis in a 12:35 p.m. game on Thursday.


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