Bob Brenly’s funny schtick about The Stick

When I first subscribed to MLB.TV, I decided it was worth it to get the premium package so that I had the choice to pick the Giants feed.

So instead of having to endure the opposition’s broadcast crew, I watch Kruk and Kuip for most of my Giants viewing.

But my schedule Friday took me away from the computer. So I decided to DVR WGN’s broadcast and watch the game when I got home.

The bad part of that is it subjected me to the obligatory showing of the Buster Posey/Scott Cousins play from last May when Posey made his first plate appearance. And of course, that replay has to be quickly joined by the moronic comment about how that play “ended the Giants’ playoff hopes in 2011” even though the Giants were still in first place in the NL West well into August.

The upside is that it did allow us to hear Bob Brenly’s funny reflections on Candlestick Park.

Now, some former Giants, like Duane Kuiper or Mike Krukow, will associate The Stick with some fond memories.

But not Brenly, who played almost his entire nine-year big league career with the Giants and at Candlestick.

Brenly’s broadcast partner Len Kasper mentioned how he enjoyed hearing his partner’s off-colored remarks about the Stick as they would drive past it after flying into the Bay Area from San Francisco International.

“This time I just asked for a moment of silence for all of us who had to play our careers in that dump,” Brenly said Friday.

But then Kasper took Brenly to task saying “I know you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for Candlestick.”

Brenly then gave in … a bit.

Brenly said that it was true “only because it was the first place I played in the major leagues. And in that respect, it will always have a special place in my heart.”

Then he added: “But it moved to other parts of my anatomy later in my career.”

Brenly added that after visiting other ballparks with better facilities and less wind and cold, The Stick paled by comparison.

“Underweight fans at The Stick had to put rocks in their pockets to make sure they didn’t get blown around the park like a hot dog wrapper.”

And this from a guy who now calls Wrigley Field home.


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