San Francisco Giants 4, Milwaukee Brewers 3 (14): Hector Sanchez makes his skipper look brilliant


I’ll admit it. I didn’t see much of Monday’s win over the Brewers. But apparently, I saw enough.

I watched the first inning, when Buster Posey blasted a thee-run home run. But then I had an evening meeting. When I got back, the game was still going on, in the 14th inning.

My first thought was: How many pitchers are left in the bullpen? How many position players are left on the bench, given Bruce Bochy’s penchant for double switches and pinch-hitting for position players.

The answer to the first question was two: recent Triple-A callups Steve Edlefsen and Shane Loux. The answer to the second question was none.

  • Brandon Belt entered the game in a double-switch in the eighth.
  • Emmanuel Burriss entered the game in a double-switch in the ninth
  • Aubrey Huff pinch-hit for Jeremy Affeldt in the 11th.
  • Angel Pagan was not available because of the stomach flu.
  • In the 12th, Bochy replaced Posey with Hector Sanchez in a double switch.

But Sanchez made the move pay off with a lead-off home run in the 14th.

“You don’t see that too often, a double-switch and your backup hits one out,” Bochy said.

It’s a rare sight indeed. Also rare is a game in which all of the Giants’ runs game via the home run — and each of those homers came from a Giants catcher.

You wouldn’t expect to see that with Eli Whiteside or Chris Stewart on the roster.


Matt Cain takes the mound against Shaun Marcum at 5:10 p.m. Cain has a road ERA of 4.42, but that is misleading. Cain has only had three road starts this season, and that includes his first start of the season, in which he gave up five runs in six innings in Arizona. His most recent road start also came in Arizona on May 12, in which he gave up one run on three hits in six innings.


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