What the Giants SHOULD do with Aubrey Huff

Aubrey Huff is eligible to come off the disabled list on Monday.

The question is: Will the Giants activate him on Monday?

Fans hoping to get an answer to the question Sunday were disappointed.

Aubrey Huff is eligible to come of the disabled list on Monday.

Bruce Bochy reported met with Huff on Sunday to assess where his veteran first baseman/outfielder was at with his treatment for anxiety disorder. Bochy also met with the Giants “braintrust” to discuss the options with Huff.

One report said Huff will travel with the team Monday to Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s just as easy to get to Fresno from Los Angeles as it is from San Francisco. And with the Grizzlies set to play a day game Monday in Colorado Springs, a Huff rehab stint with Fresno wouldn’t start until Tuesday when the Grizzlies start a homestand.

Now the answer to the question “What should the Giants do with Huff?” is already clear, even if Bochy and the Giants haven’t figured it out yet.

The Giants should send Huff to Fresno for a rehab stint.

Two reasons.

For one, the Giants will face two lefties to open the series with the Dodgers — Ted Lilly and Clayton Kershaw. Huff has not started a game this season against a lefty and he’s 0-for-4 against left-handed relievers. Huff has a .206 career average vs. Lilly in 34 at-bats. He 5 for 19 (.263) against Kershaw.

The Giants are slated to face another lefty in Patrick Corbin on Friday in Arizona. That’s three lefties in four games. Not the best situation for Huff to restart his season.

Also, he has not played in a game in more than two weeks. And even when he was playing, it was like he was raking. He’s hitting .182 for the season, which includes a 1-for-11 stretch right before he went on the DL.

A few days in Fresno would do him some good. Huff should play three games in Fresno before joining the Giants on Friday in Arizona, at the very least. A week with the Grizzlies may be better and have him rejoin the team when they return to San Francisco on May 14.

That’s what they should do. What they will do? It’s anyone’s guess.


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