San Francisco Giants 4, Pittsburgh Pirates 3: Another quality start from Barry Zito


The San Francisco Giants have lost a pitcher they will play $8.5 million this season.

On the flip side, they actually get something out of a pitcher they still owe $46 million to.

Barry Zito threw his second quality start of the season, giving up two earned runs in seven innings Saturday and giving the Giants the chance to rally and beat the Pirates in the ninth inning.

Emmanuel Burriss scored on an error in the ninth inning to give the Giants their first walk-off win and reason to celebrate after the news that closer Brian Wilson is likely done for the year.

With the Giants’ talented and deep bullpen, the loss of Wilson can be weathered. But getting something out of Zito is huge for the Giants’ prospects this season.

We’ve seen Zito put together decent first-halves of the season or decent second-halves. But never a full season of success. So we take the early success with a grain of salt. But what we have seen is very encouraging.

Zito will make his next start Friday against the Mets in New York.


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