S.I. predicts Giants to capture NL pennant

So, I guess I need to restart my subscription to Sports Illustrated

The venerated sports magazine predicts the San Francisco Giants to return to the World Series in 2012.

SI says the Giants will win the NL West with a 90-72 record, two games ahead of the Diamondbacks and seven games ahead of the Dodgers.

Then it’s off to the playoffs, where the Diamondbacks beat the Marlins in the one-game wild-card playoff.

The Giants beat the Reds in the division series, then advanced to beat the Phillies in the NLCS.

The Giants, SI says, will face the Angels in the World Series on the 10-year anniversary of the teams’ last meeting in the Fall Classic.

SI then predicts another Angels victory.

The prediction of the Angels to win the AL pennant is a sensible one. The Angels spent millions in the offseason adding players like Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson.

The Giants, meanwhile, spent millions in the offseason … to make sure Aaron Rowand is NOT on the team. Addition by subtraction.

Well, whatever the logic, we like SI’s prediction, except we’ll take exception to the opponent.

The Giants have faced a different AL West team in each of the past three trips to the World Series — the A’s, the Angels and the Rangers.

So according for form, the Giants’ next World Series foe should be the Mariners.

And if it is Seattle, the Mariners don’t stand a chance against the Giants’ potent offense — at least potent when compared the Mariners’ offense.

But, hey, pitching wins championships, right?


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