They gone: 2011 Giants who won’t be 2012 Giants

Jonathan Sanchez is one of several 2011 Giants who won't be back with the club in 2012. The enigmatic starter was traded to Kansas City.

As the Giants prepare to open spring training — pitchers and catchers are due to report on Sunday — it’s time to look at the comings and goings of the 2011-12 offseason. We’ll start with the goings.

It’s never a good sign when your list of offseason free agents include two players who retired (Pat Burrell and Orlando Cabrera) and another who probably should retire (Miguel Tejada). But that’s the nature of the 2011 Giants.

One interesting signing was of that by Aaron Rowand with the Marlins. It’s good news for Giants fans on two fronts: One, it will save the Giants $500K of the $12 million they’ll have to pay Rowand in 2012; Two, if Rowand makes the Marlins, he’ll likely do it at the expense of Scott Cousins, the player who ended Buster Posey’s season last year.

Here’s a look at the list of players Giants fans won’t have to complain about in 2012:

OF Pat Burrell: Retired on Jan. 30

OF Andres Torres: traded to Mets on Dec. 7

IF Orlando Cabrera: retired on Jan. 18

RP Waldis Joaquin: signed minor-league deal with Nationals on Dec. 20

SS Miguel Tejada: Unsigned

OF Aaron Rowand: signed minor-league deal with Marlins on Dec. 12

IF Mark DeRosa: signed with Nationals on Dec. 28

OF Cody Ross: signed with Red Sox on Jan. 26

OF Carlos Beltran: signed with Cardinals on Dec. 23

LP Jonathan Sanchez: traded to Royals on Nov. 7

OF Darren Ford: signed minor-league deal with Mariners on Dec. 13

2B Jeff Keppinger: signed with Rays on Jan. 27

RP Ramon Ramirez: traded to Mets on Dec. 7

IF Bill Hall: signed minor-league deal with Yankees on Feb. 8


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