Reason for Optimism No. 1: Three words … World … Series … Champions

The Giants' World Series banner

Really, is there any other reason for optimism that you need other than the words: World Series Champion Giants.

Reminders of last season’s glory are everywhere: Banners around the stadium, T-shirts worn by fans, commercials on TV. Heck, even when the Giants are in the slump, I often will break out the DVD of last year’s World Series.

After last season, diehard Giants fans have to think that anything positive that happens this season is icing on the cake.

But there are more tangible reasons — more tangible than good feelings — to be optimistic because of last year’s championship.

For one, the excitement created from last year’s title run has carried over to this season. The proof is in the 48 consecutive home sellouts. Having more than 41,000 fans every night cheering you on has to have a positive effect on the Giants.

But even more to the point, having more than 41,000 paying customer in the ballpark every night means money is coming into the Giants’ coffers. And that will help the Giants come trade deadline time when non-contending teams are looking to unload salary. The Giants will have the money to pay those players, even with a payroll approaching $120 million.

It also doesn’t hurt the Giants’ revenue base to have the team on national TV almost every week, whether it’s on MLB Network, ESPN Sunday’s Night Baseball or Fox’s Game of the Week.

And we’ve seen Giants fans coming out of the woodwork on the road, where sometines even road games have home-game feel. That was especially true in the early-season trip to San Diego where Giants fans seemed to outnumber Padres fans.


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