Reason for optimism No. 6: We’re not Oakland A’s fans

I know that a lot of San Francisco Giants fans, also root for the Oakland A’s. Well, MoreSplashHits is not one of them.

But we’ll try not be too harsh on A’s fans. It’s bad enough that they play in Oakland, in that ugly stadium. The A’s are one of the few MLB franchises that share their home park with an NFL franchise. After next year, the A’s will be the only one, when the Marlins move into their own park (Note: Toronto shares its home game with a CFL team).

Instead, we’ll focus on the misfortune that has fallen on the east side of the bay this season.

The A’s and Giants opened the season with teams of similar makeup. Both teams were built on stellar starting pitching, a solid bullpen and an offensively-challenged lineup.

And like the Giants, the A’s have suffered some significant injuries this season. But unlike the Giants, the A’s injury problems have attacked their strengths.

Three of the five pitchers that the A’s opened the season in their rotation are now on the disabled list: Dallas Braden is done for the season; Brett Anderson is rehabbing his elbow and hopes to return sometime in August; and Brandon McCarthy also is shelved. The A’s also had to suffer through the first two months with their closer Andrew Bailey out injured.

All of that led to the A’s being nine games under .500 and in last place in the AL West.

It also led to their manager being sacked, and replaced with Bob Melvin.

So as bad as things have been going in The City, they’ve been even worse in the East Bay.


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