Ten good reasons why Giants fans need to stay optimistic in 2011

Things look sort of bleak right now for the San Francisco Giants.

Buster Posey is done for the year. Freddy Sanchez and Mark DeRosa may very well be done for  the year. Both are hoping to avoid season-ending surgery. Aubrey Huff is struggling to regain his 2010 form. The Giants are near the bottom of the NL in offense. They have been outscored by their opponents this year.

Those are all good reasons for Giants fans to lose hope, starting thinking about 2012.

But not so fast, my friends. All hope is not lost for 2011. While there a plenty of reasons to be pessimistic, there are also several good reasons for optimism.

And we’ll spend this week looking at 10 good reasons why San Francisco Giants should be optimistic about the rest of the 2011 season.

No. 1, Three words … World … Series … Champions

No. 2, The Giants are in first place

No. 3, The Giants play in the NL West

No. 4, The Bullpen

No. 5, Upcoming schedule

No. 6, We’re not Oakland A’s fans

No. 7, Starting pitching is mostly unscathed

No. 8, Offense has to get better

No. 9, Getting good looks at youngsters

No. 10, The Panda is back


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