A successful road trip for Giants … sort of

The Giants returned home Friday from a seven-game road trip that became a six-game road trip with a rainout in Chicago.

With back-to-back wins in Los Angeles (always a good thing), the Giants finished the trip 3-3.

And if you go by the old adage of “win series at home, play .500 ball on the road” that would make the trip a successful one.

With a 10-5 home mark and a 14-14 road mark, the Giants remain right on course for a 95-win season.

The road trip saw the Giants score more than four runs in a game — Wedneday’s 8-5 win over the Dodgers — for the first time since May 3. That was a 12-game streak of four runs or fewer, a stretch in which the Giants went 8-4.

While some will say there’s no way the Giants can expect to keep winning games like that, MoreSplashHits takes the approach that the offense cannot continue to struggle like that.

But, of course, we’re still waiting for the offense to come around. And Giants fans are still waiting on a nice relaxing, blowout win.

Here’s another stat from the road trip. Wednesday’s 8-5 win over the Dodgers was the first since April 28 — a stretch of 17 games — in which the Giants did not win by either one-run or by shutout. And although it was a three-run win, it was a win in which the Giants took the lead in their final at-bat.

Then on Thursday, it looked as if the Giants would win by another shutout; it would have been their sixth shutout win. But with two out in the ninth, Madison Bumgarner gave up a bloop single, and then a double off the wall to make a 3-1.

And then we got another severe case of the “Willies” as Brian Wilson walked the bases loaded before giving up a sinking line drive by Jamey Carroll. Fortunately, Nate Schierholtz made a diving grab to save the game.


You know, we’ve been saying this for a couples of weeks now, but enough with the torture already. Giants fans need a relaxing victory.

The Giants have not won a game by more than three runs since April 18. That’s more than a month ago.

Now comes interleague play and a weekend series at home against the Oakland A’s. And it would be wishful thinking to hope that the offense can have a big game with the arms the A’s will throw out: Trevor Cahill (6-1, 1.82 ERA), Brett Anderson (2-3, 3.30) and Gio Gonzalez (5-2, 2.31).

But, then again, the Giants scored eight  runs in a game started by Clayton Kershaw, who had a streak of 25 consecutive scoreless innings against the Giants. So, who knows?


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