Aches and pains, losses and gains

It’s the mantra: Win series at home, split on the road.

The Giants failed to earn the latter half of that mantra in their season-opening road trip. But after rallying for consecutive wins over the Dodgers Tuesday and Wednesday, the Giants finished a 4-2 home stand to even their season record to 6-6.

The home stand was like a mirrored opposite to the road trip.

In the six-game road trip, the Giants won two games by an average of 7 runs and lost four games by an average of 1.5 runs.

In the six-game homestand, the Giants won four games by an average of 1 run (yeah, four one-run wins) and lost two games by an average of 5 runs.

Now the Giants head back onto the road with another six-game trip, this time to Arizona and Colorado.

And hopefully, they’ll get healthy soon.

Mike Fontenot was a late insert into Wednesday when Freddy Sanchez was given a day off to rest a sore shoulder and Mark DeRosa had his wrist flare up in batting practice.

Neither injury was considered serious.

But Fontenot responded with a run-scoring double and a go-ahead home run.

Andres Torres took batting practice prior to Wednesday’s game and was to visit the doctor afterward. The Giants said they should have an idea of whether Torres can return to the lineup or head to the DL on Friday. It’s possible Torres could be back in the lineup Saturday in Arizona.

Cody Ross will travel with the Giants to Arizona and play some extended spring training games in Scottsdale over the weekend. Bruce Bochy said the outfielder could be activated by the time the Giants return home to play the Braves on April 22.

We’ve also seen video of Brandon Belt taking fly balls in the outfield. We could see Belt playing right field and Aubrey Huff returning to first base by this week.

We’re not sure how we feel about this. Belt hasn’t played the outfield since high school, but that’s not our concern. He’s an athletic kid, he’s got a great arm (he’s a former pitcher) and he can run. He’ll certainly cover more ground in the outfield than Huff, and we doubt the can look as lost on balls hit in front or over his head as Huff has.

But here’s the question: Will the runs Belt will save in the outfield offset the runs he has saved at first base.

Every time we’ve seen Huff stumble around in the outfield, we’re reminded of a dozen times that Belt has dug out low throws in the dirt from Tejada or Sandoval like they were nothing.

Would Huff have as much ease on those plays as Huff?


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