Southern California is lovely in April … except for the Giants

Sorry, it’s Spring Break and MoreSplashHits was away from the computer since our last post. Just  as well as there wasn’t much good news to report.

The schedule makers really didn’t like the Giants when they made out the 2011 schedule.

First, they only schedule nine of the Giants’ first 31 games at home and only 15 of their first 44.

Then, they didn’t have the World Series champions open at home (I know, the schedules are put together like a year ago, but it’s still annoying).

Then, they go and have the Giants open at LA and San Diego. Couldn’t have picked a nice road trip to Phoenix and Denver? Trips to Southern California in April have not gone well for the Giants.

Counting this season’s 1-4 road trip (so far), the Giants are 2-15 in April in games at Los Angeles and San Diego over the past three years.

Remember, the Giants had a 1-5 road trip to SoCal in April last season and still went on to win the World Series. This road trip is a bit more annoying because it’s to open the series.

So if the Giants can scramble and get a win Wednesday with Tim Lincecum on the mound, a 2-4 road trip might sound just fine. Compared to last season, the Giants will be one game ahead of last season.


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