And so the Brandon Belt era begins

Well, MoreSplashHits was an advocate for a more conservative approach with Brandon Belt. But now that the rookie is with the big club, we wish him all the luck for success.

But however you feel about the decision, you had to think the story about his reaction to the news was pretty cool.

Belt cried when manager Bruce Bochy told him that he made the team, and remained emotional even when talking to reporters afterwards.

“I tried not to be too big of a wuss in there, but it’s hard when you’ve been dreaming of this your whole life,” Belt said.

We fans tend to treat these well-compensated professional athletes with some distance and cynicism. But we forget that they are just people, and this genuine show of emotion is refreshing.

Almost as good was the exchange between Belt and teammate Aubrey Huff.

Huff: “Hey, Belt, you crying?”

Belt: “A little bit.”

Huff: “Why you crying? I’m the one who’s gotta play right field every day.”

Well, for a while, at least. Huff will start in right with Belt on first base at least until Cody Ross returns. Then we would expect to see Huff in left field.

That is, of course, unless Belt struggles in the week or so until Ross returns. Then the Giants could consider sending Belt to Fresno and returning Huff to first base. But the Giants seem to be committed to Belt for the long run.

But with every happy story on cutdown day, there’s sad news. On Wednesday, the sad news went to Travis Ishikawa. Ishikawa’s stock slipped this spring as Belt’s rose.

The Giants designated Ishikawa for assignment, meaning they have 10 days to trade or waive Ishikawa. If he clears waivers, he could be sent to Fresno, but Ishikawa could refuse that assignment.

Ishikawa took the news with class.

“These guys brought me into the system and brought me up,” Ishikawa said of the Giants. “I’ll always be grateful for that.  I wish them the best. If I’m not playing them, I’ll be rooting for them.”

And we’ll be rooting for you, Travis. Unless for some reason you ended up in Dodger Blue.

But let’s not focus on a thought so heinous. We’ll keep our minds on happy thoughts, like the promising future of Brandon Belt.

“It feels great  right now,” Belt said. “Pretty much the most exciting moment of life.”

Then there was a long pause.

“Besides my marriage.”

Oh! And the rookie makes another great defensive save!


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