Trying to stay positive

We’re going to try to stay positive in the post in the wake of the Giants’ 7-1 loss to the Indians on Thursday night.

We’re not going to discuss on the fact that the loss was the Giants’ fourth consecutive or that it was their sixth in the past seven games.

We’re not going to talk about on the fact that including Monday’s rained out 2 1/2 innings, the Giants have been outscored 20-1 over the last 20+ innings.

We’re not going to focus on how the Giants’ starting right fielder will open the season on the DL, and their closer may soon be joining him.

We’re not even going to think about how the Giants’ recent play left a frustrated Bruce Bochy to comment: “We’re not doing anything well now these last five games — pitching, hitting, baserunning (he didn’t mention fielding). We’ve got to pick it up. It’s been a great camp and we’re due to have a lull, but it’s too close to the season to make the mistakes we’re making.”

No, we’re going to ignore all those things as we try to accentuate the positive. So here we go.

Barry Zito. Zito has another solid outing. In fact, it was a quality start, pitching six innings and giving up two earned runs. He gave four runs total on seven hits. More importantly, he only gave up one walk and struck out five.

Miguel Tejada. Much has been made about the veteran’s shortstops struggles at the plate and in the field this spring. But hopefully, Thursday was the sign that Tejada is ready to ramp things up for the regular season. Tejada belted his first home run of the spring and only his second extra-base hit. He also made a nice barehanded play while charging an infield grounder, getting the out with an off-balance throw that ended with a somersault on the infield grass. “When I make a play like that, I think it tells me my legs are ready to go,” Tejada said.

Buster Posey. Posey went 1 for 2 with a walk. His spring average is .415. Watch out, Ted Williams!

Jeremy Affeldt. The left-handed reliever gave up just one hit in a scoreless inning of work. His spring ERA is 0.96.

Dan Runzler. The lefty is making his strong push to make the big club by setting the side down in order in the ninth. His spring ERA is 2.57.

Opening day. The season opener is less than a week away. Is there any better news than that?


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