Spring rarity: Giants lose

While you’re never happy about losing to the Dodgers, MoreSplashHits took the Giants’ 6-3 loss to LA in stride. The Giants have been playing so well this spring that we were worried that they may using up all their wins when it doesn’t count.

What did count in this game was the performances of three pitchers vying for the final spot in the bullpen.

Jeff Suppan started and gave up two earned runs on seven hits in four innings. His spring ERA is 5.79.

Ryan Vogelsong gave up two runs on four hits in three innings. His spring ERA is now at 2.87.

And Guillermo Mota pitched the ninth and gave up two solo home runs. His spring ERA is 5.00.

But there was some good news to report from Friday’s game:

MIKE FONTENOT was 1 for 4 with two RBI from the leadoff spot. With Aaron Rowand hitting in the No. 6 spot, there was at least some hope that when Andres Torres is out of the lineup (like we was Friday) that Bruce Bochy will consider other leadoff options to Rowand.

JAVIER LOPEZ, who has had an uneven spring, threw another scoreless inning, setting down the Dodgers in order in the eighth.


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