MoreSplashHits finds connections with Giants players

There’s nothing more satisfying than for a baseball fan to be able to relate for the players on his or her favorite team on a personal basis.

For example, Tim Lincecum and MoreSplashHits have both visited the Clark County Courthouse in Vancouver, WA. Of course, MoreSplashHits was there for jury duty, while the Freak was there for other reasons.

And now comes this from Andrew Baggarly’s blog for the San Jose Mercury News.

Apparently, Giants pitcher Jeff Suppan and MoreSplashHits have both worked as a sports clerk at the Los Angeles Daily News.

Sports clerks take calls from high school coaches who are reporting result from their games. From those results, the clerk will write up a couple of paragraphs that help comprise a daily roundup.

Suppan told Baggarly that he worked for the Daily News shortly after high school. However, Suppan’s tenure at the Daily News last three shifts as the experience was a little too intense for him.

What a wienie!

MoreSplashHits also worked as a sports clerk for the LA Daily News. Judging by Suppan’s age, we can guess that my tenure at the Daily News preceded Suppan’s by three or four years. My immediate supervisor at the Daily News was Tim Brown, who now covers baseball for Yahoo! Sports. Oh, and my tenure at the paper lasted much longer than three shifts.

But I guess we all don’t have what it takes to work as a sports clerk for a major metropolitan newspaper. And I can’t be too hard on Suppan. We all have our personality flaws.

For example, I never played organized baseball because as a young child I was afraid of being nailed by the ball. (Dude! It’s hard! And it can really hurt!).

And Suppan went on to have a long career in baseball, earning millions of dollars in the process. Meanwhile, I’m still taking prep results from high school coaches.

So I guess some people’s shortcomings are more costly than others.


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