MoreSplashHits cracks the Top 50

The results are in, and we proudly announce that ….


 (Or should it be ‘have arrived’?)

50th.jpgAccording to February Leaders on MLB blogs, MoreSplashHits made the Top 50 for traffic in February. And we ranked at No. 50!!! (How disappointing it would have been if we had come in at No. 51).

Well, it only took 17 months of blogging.

All of us here at MoreSplashHits would like to thank everyone who came to our page in February to put us in the Top 50. And we’re working on bigger and better posts in March in an effort to move up the Top 50. That is, if we can find time for more exciting posts that spring training updates. Our idea box is full. Our time to make them happen is kind of light. But we’ll get there, so stay tuned.

And MoreSplashHits analytic department came up with this interesting statistics.

MoreSplashHits began blogging about the Giants in October 2009, right after the 2009 season completed. So every season in which MoreSplashHits blogs about the Giants, the Giants win the World Series!

It’s true. You can look it up.

Fear not! MoreSplashHits doesn’t plan on stopping the blog posts in 2011.

Go Giants!




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  2. raysrenegade

    Congrats on the Top 50 placement.
    You see, hard work, posting these blogs and hoping for the best goes come with great results. Looking forward to you again getting your share and possibly heading up the list as the season approaches.
    Again, congrats, and look forward to seeing if February treated you just as well as January (I think it will).

    Rays Renegade

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