More Panda power

Well, you can’t win them all. And in the spring, I’m not even sure you want to.

But the Giants were looking like they were headed to a 3-0 spring start when they were leading 3-0 over the Diamondbacks Sunday. But Arizona tallied four runs in the eighth of relievers Jose Casilla and Alex Hinshaw to post a 4-3 lead.

Again, we saw more encouraging signs from the desert:

MORE PANDA POWER: Pablo Sandoval continues his hot start to the spring, belting his second home run in as many days.

Sandoval belted an 0-2 pitch from Daniel Hudson deep over the fence in right in the fourth inning.

Sandoval also struck out twice, each after Pat Burrell walked. But at least he didn’t ground into a double play, right?

The strikeouts will come this spring for the Panda, as he works on getting taking more pitches and working deeper into the count.

That’s a challenge for Sandoval because, in the spring, pitchers focus on throwing strikes. So if Sandoval is taking, he’s falling behind. Even his home run came on an 0-2 pitch.

MORE HITTERS: Buster Posey continued to swing the bat well, hitting a single and double in three at-bats. Outfielder Cody Ross had two doubles in three at-bats.

CAIN BEING CAIN: Matt Cain continues to throw scoreless innings, even in the spring. Cain tossed 21 scoreless innings in the postseason last fall. On Sunday, he threw two more scoreless innings, giving up three hits and striking out one.


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