One last Renteria rant

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News caught up with Edgar Renteria on Sunday, and the World Series MVP soundly as if he’s moved on from the acrimony of offseason contract negotiations with the Giants.

And Giants should as well.

But MoreSplashHits is still stuck on remarks Renteria made during these negotiations — when he called the Giants’ $1 million offer “disrespectful” — and reiterated on Sunday.

“It’s not about the money, you know?” Renteria said. “For me, it’s about pride.”

Oh, we’ll then that’s OK, right?

And then he later added: “I’m not going to play for anybody for $1 million. I’d rather retire.”

So … then .. it WAS about the money.

This is MoreSplashHits’ biggest pet peeve — athletes who sign free-agent deals and say “It wasn’t about the money.”

It was entirely about the money … unless you sign for less — not more.

Maybe MoreSplashHits has a different perspective about money than Renteria does. But we just have a hard time trying to figure out how a guy who has averaged about $9 million a year over the past seven years can say no to $1 million but yes to $2 million.

That’s like someone who has been making $270,000 a year for seven years losing his job. Then saying “no way” to a $30K-job, but yes to a $60K job.
We just don’t get it. But Edgar has his reasons, we’re sure.

And MoreSplashHits is not upset that Renteria is gone. We figured he’d be gone, even after his great postseason. We were frankly surprised that the Giants made that $1 million offer, especially after signing Miguel Tejada and tendering a deal to Mike Fontenot.

We couldn’t figure out how Renteria was going to figure into the mix. As it is, the Giants have 14 players in camp battling for 13 roster spots. How were they going to make room for Renteria?

Renteria says he holds no bad feelings toward the Giants. And Giants fans should hold any ill will against Renteria. Renteria is looking forward to getting his World Series ring when the Reds visit San Francisco on June 8, and we hope he gets a rousing ovation at AT&T Park.

All this hub-bub over the “disrespectful” comment could have easily been avoided if Renteria had said this upon signing with the Reds:

“After last season, I thought about retiring. Then I thought about the minimum requirement in terms of salary and playing opportunities that it would take to get me to return for another season in the majors and away from my family. In the end, the Reds met that requirement, and the Giants did not.”

If Giants fans heard that, they’d be just fine.

So before he opens his mouth again on the topic of the offseason negotiations, Renteria should call MoreSplashHits. We’d offer him with a little public relations help.

And we’d gladly work for anybody for $1 million a year.


One comment

  1. westcoastgirl

    I want to understand where Renteria’s coming from, I really do. I can even try to wrap my head around the idea that a $1M salary doesn’t mean the same to a sports player as it does to an average businessman. Still, the idea that Renteria was somehow disrespected after a few years of subpar playing and only one outstanding postseason run is ridiculous. I think the Giants offered him exactly what he’s worth, and if he’s happier with a few extra bucks and a new team, so be it. He hasn’t earned any respect in my book.

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