Numbers are Sandoval: 240 pounds

There was no tale of the tape, at least not from Pablo Sandoval.

After Sandoval promised to report his weight when he reported to camp, the Panda declined to share that info after stepping on the scales on Friday.

Pablo.jpgBut thankfully, the sports training company that oversaw his offseason regimen was willing talk. Go figure.

Trainer Ethan Banning of Triple Threat Performance told the San Jose Mercury News that Sandoval dropped 38 pounds during his offseason training.

So why wouldn’t the Panda want to discuss that? Well, it probably had to do with Sandoval’s listed playing weight last season. The Giants listed Sandoval at 5-11, 245 last season.

Banning reported that Sandoval weighed 278 when he began working with Triple Threat. Sandoval now weighs 240.

Associated Press photo

Teams often fudge on playing weights, which is probably why they instructed Sandoval not to discuss his weight publicly.

But as Bruce Bochy said, Sandoval clearly passed the eye test when he showed up in Scottsdale.

And Sandoval also showed some good decision-making when passed on new teammate Miguel Tejada’s offer to join his workout regimen and trainers. Sandoval said he’ll stick with Triple Threat.

Good call, Panda. And just say no to Miggy’s B12 vitamin injections.


One comment

  1. raysrenegade

    A player of Panda’s caliber has to drop some weight.
    Not only does it effect his mobility and stamina, it effects his speed and ability to turn on that inside low pitch.
    I do not want to see the Panda turned into a Puma.
    There has to be a reason the trainers are speaking out…maybe out of spite, possibly hoping to cash in a bit on the Panda Program this season.
    Whatever the reason, good to see he did lose weight, probably feel healthier, now he just has to show it on the basepaths.
    a different Kung Fu Panda 2 comes out soon…..
    Possibly April 1st in the Bay Area.

    Rays Renegade

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