Hammerin’ Hank hits another

MoreSplashHits always did like Hank Aaron.

And what’s not to like?

He’s one of the all-time great, even though he’s often overlooked by those who put together lists or teams of the game’s greats.

He’s also one of the all-time great classy people in baseball history.

And now we have another reason to like Hammer’ Hank.

Aaron, in an interview with the Associated Press, projected a World Series in 2011 between the Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants.

“I know Philadelphia got Cliff Lee and all those other top pitchers over there,” Aaron said. “But hey, those kids did a heck of a job last year for San Francisco. I think they’re going to have a good account for themselves.”

MoreSplashHits appreciates Aaron for the sentiment, but we suspect he’ll be in the minority when it comes to prognostication in 2011.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy caused a stir when he pronounced the Phillies as the team to beat in the NL. We suspect Bochy was trying to deflect the spotlight from his team. But that really wasn’t necessary.

All Bochy had to do was wait until all the bloggers, reporters, talking heads and other prognosticators start coming out with their predictions for the NL West.

We get the feeling that the Colorado Rockies will be the sexy pick.

Now  the Rockies have a good team with a lot of very good young players and they’ve developed a quality starting rotation. And they had a solid 2010 despite losing Troy Tulowitzki to injury for almost two months. But the Rockies become the favored pick almost by default.

More prognosticators don’t like to pick a team to repeat, because it lacks originality. Also, many just don’t think the stars will align again for the G-men.

The Dodgers have too many questions, ranging from how they respond under first-year manager Don Mattingly to whether players like Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier will develop into team leaders.

The Padres, already lacking some offensive punch, traded away their best offensive player.

And the Diamondbacks just aren’t ready to contend, yet.

So it’s the Rockies. And that’s fine. That’s just the way Giants fans like it.


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