Mat Latos and his offensive balls

San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos is causing problems again with a baseball.

A San Diego-area sports memorabilia store advertised three balls with Latos’ signature and the words “I hate SF” inscribed on them. The balls sold for $1,100 with half going to the MLB Alumni Association, according to the Associated Press.

Latos said it was a playful jab toward the Giants and only intended to raise money for charity.

“I did it all in fun,” he said. “No disrespect to them.”

You may remember last May, when Latos taunted some fans during batting practice at AT&T Park by throwing a ball over the left-field bleachers and out of the stadium. The ball ended up landing in parking lot behind the stadium and smashing a sun roof on a car owned by Giants announcer Dave Flemming. Latos later apologized and offered to pay the $1,200 damage to Flemming’s car.

And now this.

Well, we all enjoy a little joke. And we can understand Latos’ animosity, feigned or not.

The Giants eliminated the Padres from the postseason on the final day of the season in 2010, and Latos was on the mound that day for San Diego. Latos also set a major-league record last season with 15 consecutive starts in which he threw at least five innings and gave up two earned runs or fewer from June 10 to Sept. 7.

When did that streak end? On Sept. 12, when the Giants tagged Latos for five runs in four innings.

So it makes sense for Latos to write “I hate SF” on those balls.

But if Latos decides to something like that again, we only ask that he do it right, by writing “I hate SF, WSC.”

Don’t know what “WSC” stands for, Mat? Just think back to Nov. 1 of last season and it may come to you.



  1. ronlang44

    I’ve always known the Dodgers and Giants had no love loss for each other, but why in the world is Latos trying to stir it up with the Paders and Giants??? He’s a good young pitcher and maybe he was just having fun signing those balls. I don’t know. It should make for some interesting games when he pitches against the Giants this year.


  2. russelw

    These guys are in no-win situation most of the time. We always blame them for being plastic and giving the same cliches over and over.

    “You’re gonna have to study them, you’re gonna have to know them”

    But as soon as someone does something out of the box, Boom! We wonder what he was thinking.

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