Sixth pact: Torres agrees to one-year deal

Outfielder Andres Torres agreed with a one-year contract for $2.2 million with the Giants, avoiding arbitration for the last arbitration-eligible Giant.

andres.jpgTorres had asked for $2.6 million, and the Giants countered with $1.6 million. We heard reports earlier in the week that it was $1.8 million. But if it were $1.8 million, then $2.2 is the midway point. And if that’s the case, the two sides would have agreed to a deal on Tuesday. With the $1.6 million number, $2.1 million is the midpoint. So then it makes sense that Torres would hold out for an extra $100K, plus he can earn another $100K in bonuses.

Torres’ deal puts the payroll for the 25-man roster right at $114 million. With a half dozen or so players who will earn slight raises when their contracts are renewed, plus potential bonuses, the payroll could easily sit around $115 million for 2011, a jump of about $20 million over 2010.


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