Five down, one to go with arbitration

OK, MoreSplashHits gets a “close enough” on the arbitration case for Javier Lopez.

The left-handed reliever and the Giants agreed to terms for a one-year contract for $2.375 million on Thursday, leaving the Giants with just one unresolved arbitration case.

MoreSplashHits projected a compromise of $2.4 million after Lopez submitted a salary request of $2.875 million and the Giants countered with $2 million.

Lopez earned $775,000 last season pitching for the Pirates and the Giants.

According to the Associated Press, Lopez can earn an additional $50,000 each for pitching 55 or 60 innings in the deal he received Thursday. He went 2-0 with a 1.42 ERA in 27 outings for the Giants, who acquired him at the trading deadline from Pittsburgh.

Thursday’s agreement leaves Andres Torres as the only unresolved arbitration case. Torres is seeking $2.6 million, while the Giants countered with $1.8 million. Halfway is $2.2 million. Hank Schulman of the Chronicle reports the two sides are close to a deal.

Lopez’s deal leaves the Giants’ 2011 payroll at $112.145 million.


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