Report: Renteria to sign with the Reds

So long, Edgar Renteria, and thanks for the memories.

ESPN Chicago is reporting that the 2010 World Series MVP will sign a one-year deal that could be worth as much as $3 million with incentives to serve as a backup infielder for the Cincinnati Reds.

We had heard that Renteria’s agent was in contact with the Giants as recently as Monday, but clearly the Giants weren’t moving off that $1 million offer that made last month that Renteria described as “total disrespect.”

Of course, it was never about respect. It was about the going rate for an aging backup infielder these days, and it was about what the Giants had to offer.

We don’t know the specifics of Renteria’s deal in Cincinnati. It’s probably at $1 million to $1.5 million base, with incentives that could allow the deal to grow to $3 million. The Reds will use Renteria to backup starting SS Paul Janish.

Without Renteria on the Giants’ postseason roster, it’s difficult to say what might have happened last postseason, So thanks, Edgar, for that.

But here’s another point: If the Giants didn’t put Renteria on the postseason roster — and there was strong consideration of that you may recall — there’s no way Renteria gets this deal. Without his strong postseason, Renteria would be signing a minor-league deal this offseason, or he would have retired.


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