The Top 10 List of Non-Giants Who Should Be on Every Giants Fan’s Christmas Card List: No. 1, Brooks Conrad

Well, we’ve reached No. 1 on our list. And, really, is this much of a surprise?

Brooks Conrad went 1 for 11 with four strikeouts in the National League Division Series for the Braves.

But it wasn’t what he did — or didn’t do — with his bat that earned his spot on this list. No, it was his glove.

Conrad committed four errors in the four-game series, three in the Game 3 alone. Two of those errors were critical.

In the second inning with a runner on third, Conrad retreated on a pop fly to shallow right. As he tried to make an over-the-shoulder catch, Conrad dropped the ball, allowing Mike Fontenot score from third base.
Now, to Conrad’s credit, the ball should have been fielded by RF Jason Heyward. But Heyward was dinged up after crashing into the wall and failing to make a catch on the deep fly by Fontenot in the preceding at-bat.

Then came the ninth. The Giants tied the game 2-2 on a walk to Travis Ishikawa and then two-out singles by Freddy Sanchez and Aubrey Huff.

The inning appeared as if it would end on the next at-bat when Buster Posey hit a one-hopper to Conrad at second base.

But Conrad allowed the ball to slip right between his legs into right-center, allowing Sanchez to score the go-ahead run.

Again, to Conrad’s credit, his line of vision on Posey’s ball could have been blocked by umpire Jerry Layne, who was positioned in the infield grass in front of Conrad.
But in that situation, Conrad’s ultimate responsibility is to knock down that ground ball. But he didn’t. The Giants scored and eventually won the game, and then the series.

If you want to relive the play, click here.

Now, you could do one of those “Five Reasons Why the Braves Can’t Blame Brooks Conrad …” kind of shows. But, ultimately, his job is to catch the ball, and he didn’t.

He was a stand-up guy afterwards, and owned up to his mistakes. A class guy.

So we feel for you, Brooks Conrad. But, just the same, thanks.

The Top 10 List of Non-Giants Who Should Be on Every Giants Fans Christmas Card List:

No. 2, Jonathan Broxton

No. 3, Larry Beinfest

No. 4, Cliff Lee

No. 5, Chase Utley

No. 6, Andrew Friedman and Neil Huntington

No. 7, Roy Oswalt

No. 8, Bud Black

No. 9, Paul Emmel

No. 10, Bengie Molina


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