Little known fact: Randy Johnson won 3,000 games!

More Splash Hits was watching Hot Stove on the MLB Network on Thursday afternoon, and they had a Prime 9 list of Memorable Milestones with Wrong Uniform.

Matt Vasgersian, who is one of our favorite anchors on MLB Network, was going over the list. He started with No. 9, Randy Johnson.


“The Big Unit collected five Cy Young Awards with the Mariners and Diamondbacks. Few may remember his 3,000th win as a Giant in ’09.”

Count More Splash Hits among those who don’t remember that. Dude! 3,000 wins. That’s huge. We knew Randy played a long time, but we had no idea he won 3,000 wins.

Cy Young’s got nothing on Randy Johnson!

OK, OK. Just having a little fun with a slip up by Vasgersian. Of course, it could have been worse. Some may remember this Vasgersian slip in 2009.


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