Uribe is full of hoooo-ribe

EDITOR’S NOTE: To San Francisco Giants fans with weak constitutions, we advise that you quickly avert your eyes from the below image and move quickly to the blog post below. Reader discretion is strongly advised.
You know, for Christmas, what More Splash Hits really would like is for some free agent baseball player to come out at the press conference announcing his signing and say “You know, I really hoped I could re-sign with the team I’ve been playing with for the past couple of seasons, but this team here offered me WAY more money. So I took it. Woohoo!!”

I get so tired of players walking up to the mic and saying how their first choice was to sign with the team that just gave them a boatload of cash.

The press conference remarks from Juan Uribe after signing a three-year, $21 million deal with the Dodgers just about sent me through the roof.

“As far as leaving (the Giants), I have no control over the teams I play for,” Uribe said through a translator.


We can only assume BS doesn’t translate well from Spanish to English.

A story by San Francisco Chronicle writer Henry Schulman makes Uribe’s words sound even more hollow.

Schulman wrote that the Giants were willing to match the Dodgers’ initial offer of three years for $20 million. So the Giants let Uribe walk over $1 million? Not quite.

When the Giants said they’d match the Dodgers’ offer, the Uribe camp responded with a request of $27 million for three years. Uribe eventually came down to $25 million for three years.

The Giants declined those proposals, and Uribe signed with the Dodgers for $21 million.

So it appears that Uribe felt the Giants owed him more than what the Dodgers did, probably because of the production he gave them over the past two seasons while being paid $4.5 million.

Giants GM Brian Sabean said: “He obviously wanted to be a Dodger more than he wanted to be a Giant.”

For any Giants fans who were reluctant about booing Uribe when he shows up at AT&T Park in Dodger Blue, do you need to know anything else?


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