Giants turn to Miguel Tejada

One day after losing Jose Uribe to the Dodgers, the Giants filled their hole at shortstop by signing Miguel Tejada to a one-year, $6.5 million. The deal won’t become official until Tejada completes a physical.

More Splash Hits thinks this is a good deal for the Giants because they filled their hole at shortstop without making a trade.

More Splash Hits thinks this deal is not so hot because it came a bit early. But like with Aubrey Huff, the Giants are spending money to get a deal done early.

Tejada basically had a worse year in 2010 (15 HR, 71 BI, .269 AVG, .381 SLUG) than he did in 2009 with Houston (14, 86, .313. 440). Last offseason he signed a 1-year deal with Baltimore for $6. This year, a year older, he signs a $6.5 million with the Giants.

Why? Two reasons. One, the lean market of available shortstops. Two, he signed early. Last year, he signed with Baltimore in late January. Deals are better in November and December than they are in January.

In Tejada, the Giants get a cheaper version of Uribe. Cheaper, because he’s older. Tejada will turn 37 next May. Uribe turns 32 next July.

But there are similarities. Both have power. Both are sure-handed, but their range is limited. Uribe’s arm is stronger. Tejada hits for a better average. Tejada is a career .287 hitter; Uribe .256. Tejada strikes out less often.

Let’s take at the numbers for Uribe and Tejada from 2010.

UZR-Ultimate Zone Rating for Defense

Rank-UZR ranking among 64 MLB SS who played at least 100 innings at SS.

Statistics Uribe Tejada
HR 24 15
RBI 85 71
AVG .248 .268
OBP .310 .317
SLG .440 .381
SO 92 67
BB 45 30
UZR 2.1 0.1
Rank 23 30

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