Uribe going … going …. gone! Now what?

Now, that Juan Uribe has left for Dodgertown, it’s time to get our heads around what that means to the 2011 lineup. Here’s how it looks like as of right now.

RF Andres Torres

2B Freddy Sandez

1B Aubrey Huff

C Buster Posey

LF Cody Ross

3B Mark DeRosa or Pablo Sandoval

CF Aaron Rowand or DeRosa (in LF, Ross in RF, Torres in CF)

SS Whoever the heck the Giants get to fill this spot

Hmmmm, seems to missing something, you think? And we don’t just mean a shortstop.

More Splash Hits discussed the options out there besides Uribe. Just look at post “Christmas wish list: A shortstop.”

Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News believes the Giants should be aggressive and try to secure a trade before Thursday’s non-tender deadline, when other teams will be better motivated to move players like the Rays’ Jason Bartlett or the Twins’ J.J. Hardy.

More Splash Hits is very concerned with the notion of trading away prospects when so many Giants are eligible for free agency after the 2011 season. Of the players listed in the above projected lineup, four could be free agents after next season … and that doesn’t include the shortstop position. It also doesn’t include pitchers.

It would be better to be patient, and wait and see what develops after Thursday’s non-tender deadline. 


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