U—ribe! In Dodger Blue? Just say no!

The San Francisco Giants’ pursuit to bring Juan Uribe back into fold seems to have taken an interesting twist over the weekend.

Last week, the Giants re-signed Aubrey Huff for two years, $22 million. And the Giants said they matched a deal offered by another team to get that deal done.
Word has come in over the weekend that the “other team” was the Los Angeles Dodgers, who could have plugged Huff at first base and non-tendered or traded James Loney. They also could have started Huff in LF.

And now comes word that the Dodgers are going hot and heavy after another Giants free agent — Juan Uribe.

The Dodgers would look to plug Uribe at 2B, where non-tender candidate Ryan Theriot is currently playing. So the question is whether or not the Dodgers turn up the heat to sign Uribe before Thursday’s non-tender deadline. Or maybe they’ve already made the decision to non-tender Theriot.

It might be time for the Giants to get Uribe signed to a two-year deal in the ballpark of $16 million. The Giants would deeply miss his bat in the lineup, and it would make it worse to lose him to the freakin’ Dodgers.

And the Giants need to start thinking not just about 2011, but about 2012. Here are a list of current Giants who will be eligible for free agency after the 2011 season: 2B Freddy Sanchez, IF-OF Mark DeRosa, OF Andres Torres, OF Cody Ross, RP Jeremy Affeldt, SP Jonathan Sanchez.

If the Giants don’t sign Uribe to a multi-year deal, they’ll likely replace him with a player on a one-year deal (either signing a free agent to a one-year deal, or trading for someone who will be eligible for free agency after 2011).

So C’mon Giants. Let’s get this done. The alternatives are not good.


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