Booooooo–ribe!!!! Uribe signs with Dodgers

JuanU.jpegWell, it’s happened. After driving up the cost for the Giants to re-sign Aubrey Huff, the Los Angeles Dodgers went and signed shortstop Juan Uribe away from the San Francisco Giants.

Uribe agreed to a three-year deal for a reported $21 million with the Dodgers on Monday. He’ll likely play second base for the Dodgers in 2011.

When More Splash Hits began seeing reports that the Dodgers were willing to offer a third year, we knew the party was just about over for the Giants retaining Uribe.

The reported $21 million deal is quite a haul for a player who played two years with the Giants (earning $1 million and $3.25 million) and arrived in camp as a utility player. Uribe played himself into an everyday player in 2010.

If there’s any good news, it’s that the Giants offered Uribe arbitration, which will garner the Giants a sandwich pick in next June’s draft.

Losing Uribe hurts. Losing him to the Dodgers hurts more. Oh, and Opening Day 2011 for the Giants: April 1 at Los Angeles. No fooling.


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