Cross off Uggla from your wish list

For those Giants fans who found themselves caught up in the talk surrounding the potential acquisition of Dan Uggla — for the record, More Splash Hits was not in that group — you can start dreaming of something else.

According to several reports, Uggla, the Silver Slugger second baseman, was traded by the Florida Marlins to the Atlanta Braves for infielder Omar Infante and left-handed reliever Mike Dunn.

Most of the chatter on the web from Giants faithful regarding Uggla circulated around what a great fit he would make in the SF lineup and how he could play 3B next season for the Giants. But no one talked about what the Giants might have to give up to get Uggla — for one season.

Uggla is a potential free agent in 2012. He made $7.8 million last year and was due for a bump, likely to $9-$10 million in arbitration this offseason.

Any trade talk between the Marlins and Giants likely started with one of Giants starting pitchers — i.e. Jonathan Sanchez or Madison Bumgarner. Chances are, they ended there.
However, the deal the Marlins got from Atlanta seems a little light for player of Uggla’s ability, even if it’s just a one-year rental.

The Giants certainly could have matched half of the deal the Braves offered, as lefty Dunn and Dan Runzler are comparable. Both are young and not arbitration eligilbe until 2013.

What the Giants didn’t have was a player to match Infante.

He was an All-Star last season. He got the chance to play when injuries opened opportunities for him. He hit 8 HRs, 47 RBI, .321 in 506 plate appearances. He played 2B, SS, 3B and OF for the Braves, but figures to be the starting 2B in Florida next spring.

He’ll make $2.5 million next year in the final year of a three-year deal. Then he’s eligible for free agency in 2012.

The only thing the Giants could have offered to match that is 2B Freddy Sanchez … and $3.5 million. Sanchez will make $6 million in 2011 in the final year of a two-year extension.

The Marlins might have gone for that: Runzler, Sanchez and $3.5 million for Uggla. Oh well, what’s done is done.


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