Five More Splash Hits in 2010

How can More Splash Hits pay homage to the Championship Season of 2010 without recognizing the Splash Hits the Giants had this season.

The Giants added five more Splash Hits, putting the overall count at 55. Those five are the most Splash Hits in a season since the Giants had six in 2004.

So here they are:

The first Splash Hit of 2010 (No. 51 overall) came off the bat of Aubrey Huff, off Colorado’s Rafael Betancourt on May 1. To view it, click here.

Splash Hit No. 2 for 2010 also came off the bat of Huff, off Baltimore’s Jeremy Guthrie on June 16. To view it, click here.

Andres Torres delivered the third Splash Hit of 2010, going deep off Florida’s Jorge Sosa on July 28. To view it, click here.

Pablo Sandoval delivered the fourth Splash Hit of 2010, hitting it off the Cubs’ Randy Wells on Aug. 12. I remember watching this game live with my five-year-old son. When the Panda went deep, my son yelled: “Whoa! He hit it into the water!” Moments later, they showed a replay of the blast, and my son says “Whoa! He did it again!!!” To view, click here.

Sandoval also had the fifth Splash Hit of the season, on Sept. 30 against Arizona’s Barry Enright. To view it, click here.

If you watched all five Splash Hits, you’ll notice a common thread.

All five were hit in day games. Here’s another common thread. All five came in Giants victories.

In fact, the Giants have won their last seven games when someone has put one into the bay.

Let’s hope for more Splash Hits in 2011


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