Best celebration sound bites

World Series Giants R_Mart(3).jpgHere’s a sample of some of the best post-game comments by the Giants.


Fox’s Chris Rose, handing the World Series trophy to Tim Lincecum, asked: “How does that look?”

Lincecum: “Shiny.”


Buster Posey: “It’s
crazy to think with all the great baseball players who have come
through San Francisco, there hasn’t been a World Series championship The beautiful thing about the organization is, you’ve got guys like
Will Clark here. You’ve got J.T. Snow here. You’ve got Shawon Dunston
here. When we get back to San Francisco, we’ll have Willie Mays and Willie McCovey
and Gaylord Perry. The list goes on and on. It’s so humbling to have
won the first World Series in San Francisco. It’s unbelievable.”

Aaron Rowand on Edgar Renteria twice telling Andres Torres before Game 5 he would hit a home run: “He told Andres he was going to hit one and he did it. He Babe Ruth-ed it, I guess.”

Former general managing partner Peter Magowan, who saved the Giants from moving to St. Petersburg in 1992, on erasing past failures: “It
does. It erases it. I don’t think a day goes by that I
don’t think about the ’02 World Series. I still think a lot about ’62,
to say nothing about all the other near-misses. This does knock it all

J.T. Snow, former Giants 1B and current coach, express sentiment of SAN FRANCISCO Giants fans:

Someone said of the title: “It’s been a long time.”

Snow: “A long time? It’s been never!”


Former Giants 1B and current special assistant to the GM Will Clark: “We’ve
had a few little skeletons in the closet because of the last few (World
Series) teams, but these guys buried them right here.”

MLB Network’s Matt Yallof asked how the brown-haired Brian Wilson could have a beard that is so dark black.

Wilson: “Day games. It’s the tan.”

And finally, Willie Mays, who watched the game with friends from his Peninsula home: “Oh,
man, I don’t get overly excited about baseball, but looking at these
kids and how excited they were, I had some tears in my eyes.”


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